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We see many, many species of birds at the New Hall Veterinary Centre. Everything from backyard poultry, swans/geese, parrots, finches, canaries, budgerigars, lovebirds, parakeets, cockatoos, macaws, lorikeets and toucans to racing pigeons, ornamental doves and all sorts of birds of prey.

One of the questions we're regularly asked is how do I keep them fit and healthy?

To keep them healthy you will need to ensure they are adequately housed and fed the correct diet for the species concerned. Birds may be kept indoors or in an outdoor aviary. Any cage must allow the bird/birds to fully extend their wings in every direction.

Some species will need their beaks and nails clipping and some will also need their wings clipping. We can do this for you or show you how to do this so that you can look after them yourself.

Male or female?

It’s easy to tell the sex of some species...

  • Budgies.  Male birds have a blue cere (the area above the beak) and females have a brown cere.
  • Cockatoos. The males have a blue iris and the females a brown iris.
  • Canaries. Listen carefully, - usually only the male bird sings!

Microchips are vital in birds, especially since many birds are very valuable and  a small microchip inserted under the right wing will always identify the bird as yours. The chip has a unique 15 digit number that correlates with your contact details.

What can go wrong?

This varies by species but the common problems are...

  • Respiratory disease especially in budgies and parrots. This is a disease called psittacosis that can also affect humans.
  • Bowel and liver problems.
  • Kidney problems especially in older budgies.
  • Nervous diseases of pigeons.
  • “Flying light” disorders of the birds of prey.
  • Reproductive problems in many birds – egg-binding and other disorders.

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