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Fish are separated into freshwater species and marine species and also into either indoor tanked fish or outdoor pond fish.

How to look after them

All fish are cold-blooded and each different species has its own “POTZ” (preferred optimal temperature zone) It is critical that you ensure that your fish is housed in a temperature in their preferred  zone. Do try to ensure that you are keeping an adequate number of fish in the tank/pond space that you are providing. As a general rule - every inch/2.5cm of fish will need 20 litres of tank and/or 900 cm² surface area.

A word about water

Your aim must always to get the best water quality that you can achieve in order to reduce the stress on your fish. We do not recommend “water conditioners” as it is much better to use ordinary tap water that has been left to aerate for a few days to allow the chlorine to dissipate. Replace half of your freshwater with this water. 


Different fish species will require different diets, but as a general rule, we suggest that you feed a pelleted diet and change brands from time-to-time in order to vary their diet as much as possible.


Vetark are the UK’s leading specialists in exotic pet nutrition. Their vitamin and mineral supplements have been improving the health of exotic species for over 20 years thanks to their basis in veterinary research. The products are updated in line with the latest research to ensure stunning results. There is a specialist fish range to tackle pests like flukes and lice. Over 200 Vetark products and you can sign up for the Vetark newsletters, discounts and information too - diseases that we see are bacterial/fungal scale problems, parasites and buoyancy disorders.

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