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To lose a pet is distressing but to have pet stolen is heartbreaking and it’s a sad fact of life that every year hundreds of thousands of pets go missing. That’s why we’ll always recommend that you microchip your pet to give you the best chance of recovery if this happens.

The microchip is tiny - the size of a grain of rice - and carries an identifying number unique to you and your pet. Please note that we use the new, smaller microchips that are even easier to inject than the normal chip. It is implanted into your pet through injection using a special needle and will stay in position for life. The microchip is quick and easy to inject and no more distressing for your pet than a standard injection or vaccination.

If your pet is found and taken to a vet, the RSPCA or rescue centre, they will routinely scan it to check for a microchip which will allow you and your pet to be re-united.

It costs just £15 to have your pet microchipped and registered and this is compulsory if your pet needs a Pet passport. Please contact us for more information.

It is also compulsory for dogs to be microchipped from April 2016

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