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PETS Travel Scheme

Just like you, your pet needs a passport to travel from the UK to any country that accepts the Pets Passport scheme and we can organise this for you.

Pet Passport

The PETS travel scheme permits the entry of your pet into an EU country and return to the UK without the need for quarantine. The requirements of the scheme in chronological order are as follows but we recommend you check the DEFRA website  for the latest information.

  • Microchip - to permanently identify your pet
  • Vaccination against rabies - one single injection means that your pet is now vaccinated for Rabies and you may then travel after a 21 day wait. The vaccination is repeated every 3 years.
  • Before you and your dog - not cat or ferret - return to the UK, 1 day to 5 days (24-120 hours), your dog must be treated for tapeworms by an authorized veterinary surgeon in the country where you are travelling from. The vets on the continent are well aware of what you need to do - just call for an appointment and they will deworm your dog. Your PETS passport will be stamped to show that this has been done.

No passport is required for travel between the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Outside the EU and for countries who do not participate in the PETS Scheme have varying import/export requirements. We recommend that you contact DEFRA and the country's National Embassy to ensure the necessary veterinary requirements are filled.

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